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Cooperating With Travel Agencies (TA) Effectively To Grow Your Hotel Business

Cooperating with travel agencies (TA) effectively to grow your hotel business

Doing hotel business requires an extremely comprehensive study on targeted customers, competitors and partners that you can work with to increase chances to grow sales. Among different partnerships which hotel owners should build, Travel Agencies (TA) is a good source of bringing bulk customers to hotels. Hotel Link would love to guide you through this type of hotel partner and give you some advice on how to utilize TA in your sales strategies.

What is Travel Agency? 

Travel Agency or TA is a business offering an A-Z travelling package from designing and guiding tour activities, booking transportations, accommodations and even including catering services during the trips for travelers. This is a stable source of guests for the hotel and restaurant industry as TAs tend to bring their tourists to the service providers that they are well acquainted with.   

Selling room on TA channel
Selling room on TA channel

Selling rooms through TAs means that hoteliers cooperate with Travel Agencies and let them include you in their provided services chain. 

Customers using TA channels are mainly customers that go on tour, or in groups and expect a full-package tour which has everything scheduled during their holiday. Therefore, it is one of the distribution channels that brings a large and stable revenue to the hotel.

How to cooperate with TA channel effectively?

Nowadays, the hotel market has been very competitive, a lot of hotels are selling rooms on TA channels.

There are some effective ways for your business to increase revenue from selling on TA: 

Setting a competitive price

When starting to connect with a TA channel, the first thing to plan is setting a competitive price towards neighboring hotels.

Efficiently apply TA channel on hotel distribution
Efficiently apply TA channel on hotel distribution

In the first three months, just keep at the introductory price, then negotiate with TA to get a better price for your hotel

The objective is to build a relationship with TA and create stability in the number of customers as a result.

Expanding the TA connections

Your hotel will depend on a TA significantly unless you expand the TA network that you should work with. Therefore, the advice is that hoteliers should look for various opportunities to work with different TAs in order to boost sales. 

However, hoteliers need to take the current hotel capacity into consideration to decide how many TAs that you are capable of cooperating with.

Another important thing that should be considered is the target customers that the TA is aiming to. Identifying the TA whose target customers fit your hotel style, or segment can make your cooperation with TA more sustainable and you can build a loyal customer base as well. These guests may put your place in their favourite hotel list and choose you for the next travelling time. 

Enhancing the quality of hotel services

Last but not least, always develop your hotel services to bring great experiences to the customers and maintain a good relationship with TAs. 

The better hotel services, the better chance of customer’s return that your hotel business gets. Moreover, they will recommend your hotel to their family, friends and on other social media platforms, which earns you lots of credibilities. 


Selling rooms via TA channels is one of the top strategies to be considered by hotel owners.

Alongside the TA, you can sell hotel rooms through different channels such as the OTA channels, website, advertisement channel, big companies’ cooperation, etc. to diversify your revenue streams.

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