Join Our Referral Rewards Program: Boost Your Earnings Now!

August 15, 2022

Would you like to earn an extra $2,000? Hotel Link is offering you the chance to do just this by simply referring a new client to us.

Hotel Link is a full service software provider for accommodations and is also integrated with many leading PMS systems globally. We are both a Premier Partner and a Preferred Partner with Expedia. In addition to a great product and very competitive prices, our team shares a commitment to building a sustainable future for travel over the world, including developing true win-win relationships with clients, staff, business partners, and the communities we serve

How much would the referral fee be?

Hotel Link provides a raft of service modules ranging from simple template-driven websites to a full suite of SaaS modules including a booking engine, PMS, channel manager, the industry’s first fully embedded payment solution, and SEO/SEM consulting. Hence referral fees could range from a low of around US$50 per month to a high of US$1,000. Click here to explore how much you will get paid after 2 years.

How can I join the Referral Rewards Program and refer a property?

It is very easy to join our Referral Rewards Program!
Step 1: Visit our website and explore the Referrals Program here

Step 2: Click Refer an accommodation to join our Referral Rewards Program

Step 3: Complete the form below with your details and those of the accommodation you are referring to us. Remember, the more detail you give, the higher the ability to win this potential customer.

Step 4: Everything is done! After receiving your information, Hotel Link Solutions will contact you and discuss the best way to approach the referred accommodation. When we close the sales, we will send confirmation of this to you. We hope all is well with your business and that you are seeing the benefits of using Hotel Link now that markets are reopening.

By joining our Referral Rewards Program, we have no doubt that you will gain a better income in the future. There is no limit to how many potential clients you refer, and the income you could generate!

Refer a property now!

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