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Genius Commission Discount Offer from in 2022

June 6, 2022 is continuing to optimise the Partner Performance Investment Programme with the Genius Commission discount offer for Summer 2022.

How the offer works

To help properties lower their costs this summer and grow the business going forward, has an introductory offer for Genius.

If the eligible properties join Genius before the end of June, they will automatically unlock a 20% discount on their commission for all stayed Genius reservations for stay dates from April to October.

>> Check if you are eligible to join Genius and get this special offer here.

Particularly, the campaign flow is:

Join Genius before 30 June and ensure you meet all campaign conditions.

You will receive a 20% commission discount on all stayed Genius rate bookings with the check out date prior to 30 September 2022.

A credit note will be issued to you within 2 months of the end of the incentive period. You can use the credit note to settle your current & future invoices.

Conditions to get the offer

This offer is restricted to only eligible properties to join Genius (continuously) for at least one year. You can check the requirements to join the Genius program here.

Benefits for the participated partners

  1. Boost your visibility: On average, properties who join receive 70% more search result views from Genius travellers.

  2. Drive incremental bookings: Properties who’ve joined Genius have seen on average a 45% increase in bookings and a 40% increase in revenue.

  3. Target higher-value audiences: Incentivise progressively more active and exclusive Genius travellers that you are less likely to attract elsewhere. Compared to other travellers, Genius travellers on average: spend 15% more when they book, book up to 2x further in advance & leave 29% more reviews.

Deadline to opt-in for the offer: 30 June 2022

How properties join the offer

Step 1: Visit the Opportunities page in the’s extranet.

Step 2: Click on ‘Genius Programme’.

Step 3: After visiting the page, click ‘Try Genius now’.

To bulk-opt in or see list of eligible properties:

Step 1: Visit your Group Opportunity Centre.

Step 2: Click on ‘Genius Commission Discount’ opportunity to identify eligible properties, visit the product page in the Extranet for more information.

Step 3: Fulfil the opt-in opportunity for each individual property in the Bulk Editing tool.

Step 4: Once completed, submit the property IDs to your account manager or PBM via email and the Commission Discount will be activated for those properties (typically within 1-2 business days).

Some FAQs about Genius Commission Discount Offer

You’re receiving this introductory offer because your property has been eligible to join Genius (continuously) for at least one year.

  1. Join the program before 30 June 2022 (latest)
  2. Be compliant with your Accommodation Agreement
  3. Not be deemed high credit risk or on review for fraud by’s Credit Control team and/or Risk team
  4. Only stayed Genius-rate bookings are eligible for a rebate.

You’ll continue to get a commission discount on stayed Genius-rate bookings completed before this date.

You’ll still be part of the Genius programme but start paying a full commission rate on bookings with a check-out date after 30 September.

Here is all the vital information about Genius Commission Discount Program by Please check your eligibility and do not miss out on this special offer if you have met all requirements to apply before the end of this June. For more information on the introductory commission discount, visit FAQs or the terms and conditions.

If you are seeking a Channel Manager or have not connected with, learn more about our tool to connect with here.

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