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6 Essential Factors Of A Professional Hotel Website

6 Essential Factors of A Professional Hotel Website

Website is a required digital marketing channel to work as an online shop front for the hotel to reach customers. Ensuring the essentials below makes it easier for your hotel website to work effectively and attract much traffic, thereby increasing conversions and revenue as a result.

What factors should a professional hotel website need?

Here are some essentials of a hotel website that you can refer to.

Clear and balanced layout

Website layout is one of the important factors. It requires to balance text and visual elements in order to provide an easy read. Hotel website builders must invest in visual elements such as images and videos to make it attractive and well present the hotel style. 

You should optimize the high-quality images size to not affect the loading speed of the website. There are some easy-to-use image optimization tools for the non-designers such as Paint or Canva, or Photoshop, Illustrators for professional editing if you have some design knowledge and skills. In addition, the colors of images or patterns and website layout need to be aligned with the hotel’s brand identity such as logo, fonts and style.

Website needs a clear layout
Website needs a clear layout

Easy to navigate

Another important factor is the navigation ability. You should pay attention to the primary navigation like the main menu bar for the most critical and interesting information, or the secondary navigation for less important information such as the links ‘About Us’, ‘Terms of conditions’, ‘Sitemap’,etc. Websites having a clear navigation display will direct the users to the information needed quickly, and reduce significantly the bounce rate for the pages.

Responsive web design – Fast-loading speed

Your customers will use many different devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc to access your website. Therefore, you need to make the site responsive to multi devices. If you choose a WordPress theme, you should choose one which supports the responsive feature.

Optimize page’s visibility and loading speed
Optimize page’s visibility and loading speed

Some themes support responsiveness and fast loading speeds such as: Hotel Booking, Hotel Zante and Hotel Link template website with more than 40 modernly designed templates will give you diverse options. Moreover, you should frequently check the website speed to make sure that it takes less than 3 seconds to load everything. Remember to optimize the uploaded photos and videos to ensure the fast loading speed.

Quality content

Content connects websites and customers. It is a must to convey quality content which can add values for the users if you want to drive more visitors to your site. When working on building content, you should pay attention to following criteria:

  • Bringing values: the content must deliver practical information to the viewers and answer their implicit concerns on search terms. Not only introducing services provided by hotels, you should also bring useful travel news, knowledge, must-know tips, industry trends… to attract more traffic to the site besides those who have real booking needs.  
  • Not too lengthy: the long articles make customers feel bored and tired, and they easily exit the site before reading your whole content on the page. The content needs to be concrete and informative. For instance, the main pages such as room type pages, general introductions… should be short in text, about 200-400 words, or the length could be 500-1000 words or more for blog posts. Since visitors tend not to spend time reading the content carefully but only skimming, the information should be concise, arranged in a logical layout and prominent for readers to easily capture.

Having call to action

Besides the beautiful contents, don’t forget to add call-to-action messages or buttons to increase conversions. On the pages of rooms information, it is good to display some call-to-action elements like:

  • The best badge rate: this is to confirm that your website offers the better price for the bookers than any other sites. 
  • The number of remaining rooms: when seeing that only 1 or 2 rooms left, the potential bookers may be motivated to book now for reserving the slot.
  • Discount on early booking: let users know that the promotions are limited regarding voucher quantity and time to make them take action. 

Full of basic functions (booking, payment, contact, etc.)

A hotel website needs to have sufficient functions such as room searching, booking, making payment and contacting for inquiries.

A hotel website should be fully functional
A hotel website should be fully functional

Some other functions that you can add such as cancellation, 24/7 online consultation, rescheduling…


Above is all the information that Hotel Link wants to share with you. If you are still looking for a standard hotel website builder, contact us to be consulted on the web design service immediately.

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