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5 Tips To Raise Hotel’s Revenue When Investing In OTA Channels

5 Tips To Raise Hotel’s Revenue When Investing In OTA channels

OTA channel is one of the good sales and branding channels that should be used by almost any accommodation service, especially hotels. Using the 5 following tips will help your hotel’s revenue take a leap among the number of hotels as it is getting more and more competitive. 

The “more reasonable price against competitors” policy

Referring to the price of your competitors and having a good reasonable pricing policy help you increase the chance to attract more potential customers. Whether to choose a high or low price, you should consider these factors as the base for setting your price range:

  • Star rating of the hotel.
  • Hotel facilities.
  • Brand equity of the hotel.
Price contributes to customers’ choice. 
Price contributes to customers’ choices.

Besides, you need to balance among revenue, cost and profit factors as well to give out the most reasonable price. You can use the Smart Rate tool to check and analyze the price in order to make the most rational decision. 

Choose the most suitable OTA channels

There are hundreds of OTAs which you can connect to increase your visibility to travellers. It is not necessary to connect with most OTAs, but you need to pick the channels which are most popular and effective in your target markets. When starting distributing through OTAs, hotels are recommended to use, Agoda, Expedia or homestays should use Airbnb as the norm, because those are big OTAs trusted by most global travellers.

Besides global OTAs, the domestic channels should be listed in consideration as well, especially in case that you are aiming at guests from specific countries. For example, if your main guest source is from Japan, there is no argument that Rakuten is a good OTA for you as Japanese travellers often book through this channel. Or Ctrip is popular for Chinese travellers. In some cases, domestic OTAs will be more effective than the global channels if you can identify the right ones. 

Make the brand identity more recognizable on OTA channels

Doing brand identity is one of the ways to help customers memorize your hotel brand easily. To make your brand identity more recognizable, follow these ways for the pictures and contents:

  • Pictures always have your logo brand
  • Colors used in pictures should be your brand consistent and eye-catching to catch more attention and make the impression of your brand on the customers last longer. 
  • Description content about the hotel should relate to the brand. 
Brand considerably affects the customers’ decision.
Brand considerably affects the customers’ decision.

Besides, to make your brand identity more recognizable, make sure the publication preparation and the advertising progress for your hotel are well-prepared; including pictures, logo, website, fanpage, ect.

Discount program on OTA channels

To help your hotel be highly competitive on OTA channels, you have to make a difference. The difference made is about price, quality, and last but not least, about promotions and discounts.  

Constantly update discount programs on OTA channel
Constantly update discount programs on the OTA channel

Discount policy and programs should be applied:

  • Booking refund without fee policy.
  • Free breakfast.
  • Price discounting on weekdays. 
  • Discount on family booking, tour booking.
  • Free using hotel amenities such as gym room, sauna, spa, …
  • Give coupons for the upcoming visits.

Utilize the Channel Manager tool

When your accommodation business grows and requires a connection with more OTAs, an indispensable tool for you is Channel Manager. It helps you centralize your management of all distribution channels and eliminate human errors by minimizing the manual process. There is no more need for accessing each OTA and making manual updates regarding room allotments and rates, as Channel Manager does all these tasks for you.   

Whenever a booking is made on an OTA or hotel website, room availability changes, and the data is automatically updated among all other distribution channels. Or if you make any change on Channel Manager, the new updates are consistently made on all channels at once. The Channel Manager tool is very useful and time-saving for hoteliers thanks to its automation.  

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Accordingly, there are many ways to make your hotel stand out on OTA channels. Find a different path and create differences in the way which you approach your customers.

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