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Link your accommodation to the world. Hotel Link partnered with the most important travel companies to offer you the best services and connections. Sign up with Hotel Link and connect with your favorite partners.

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Distribution Channels

A huge number of travellers use OTAs to make their travel bookings, so working with them is key for your online sales strategy. OTAs are where a lot of travellers will come to learn of your existence in many cases and it is reported that as many as 57% of people who find you on an OTA will look for your website (where they may book direct). Managing all these channels is best done using our Channel Manager solution.

* coming soon

Payment Gateways

Being able to secure bookings with instant online payment is very important. There are a large number of options out there to do this via local banks and a range of other third-party payment gateways. We are already connected to many and we are able to connect to new ones very quickly in most markets. Below is a list of payment gateways we connect to currently.

* coming soon

Property Management Systems

While we offer a Front Desk solution to fulfill the daily operation needs of most accommodations, we recognize that your hotel may already have a PMS in use. To make our system work even better for you, we currently connect to the following property management systems.

Channel Managers

Our robust Channel Manager connects with most of the major OTAs, and we are adding new ones all the time. However, we do understand that a different channel manager may work best for your hotel, so we currently are able to connect to the following third party companies.

* coming soon

Booking Engines

As with our Front Desk and Channel Manager, we offer a complete and straightforward Booking Engine module as part of our suite. Keeping your accommodation’s success as our top priority, we have selected the following third-party booking engines to partner with to allow for flexibility.

* coming soon


In addition to the above, we also connect to the following companies to allow you to customise your best solution.

* coming soon

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