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Want to know what you are doing well, and more importantly, where you need to focus your efforts to optimize online sales and bookings? Then look no further; the digital HealthCheck is the place to start. It’s a free 360° analysis of the complete online accommodation buying cycle from discovery through planning and booking, plus seeing how well you are doing in the ‘social’ area (experiencing and sharing).

healthcheck report

What We Check

Your website is your most important online asset. It must follow industry best practices for content, images, functionality, and ease of navigation. It also needs to load quickly, look attractive, and outrank your competition in Search Engine Optimisation.

Allowing travelers to check availability and make instant bookings across platforms is a must-have feature. You also need to be able to easily create and manage specials and promotions to fill those slow periods.

70% of travel planning and almost half of all online bookings are done on mobile devices. By 2019 it is expected that over 60% of all bookings will be made on tablets or smartphones. If your website and booking engine are not mobile enabled, you’ll fall behind.

Successful hotels know how to optimise both revenue and profitability by increasing their online efforts to secure direct bookings with sales made via third parties like OTAs, GDS, affiliates and travel agents. You need the tools to do this.

Travelers want to connect in their preferred way, which might be on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. And don’t forget Search Engine Marketing and other online marketing methods.

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How It Works

On-demand and
tailored to you

So how exactly do we assess your accommodation’s online competitiveness? Based on our experience and expertise working with thousands of accommodation providers the following steps to check your hotel’s performance:



The HealthCheck is built from quantitative measurements of up to 55 points factoring into the accommodation buying cycle.



Each point is individually weighted and the data is mapped back to the size of the accommodation, level of competition, and other factors.



Once the 55 points are applied to your accommodation, an easy-to-understand PDF report is generated and sent to you.



Now that you know where you stand, we also give you advice and guidelines on how to improve your online presence to be more competitive in the marketplace.

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