Yield Management Feature Is Now Available On Hotel Link Extranet

Yield Management Feature Is Now Available On Hotel Link Extranet

October 3, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of the Yield Management feature in our Booking Engine and Channel Manager. The Yield Management will help properties to set rules that will automatically adjust and optimize availability and rates across selected distribution channels.

With our Yield Management feature, you can set four yield rules: Auto Close, Sell Limit, Availability Cap and Rate Adjustment.

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Auto Close: The Auto Close rule automatically sets a “stop sell” when the availability reaches a certain value. For example, if the availability is 10 and the trigger is 5, when the availability drops from 6 to 5 the system will set a stop-sell. This can be useful to close rooms with a low-profit margin when the demand is high and availability low.

Sell Limit: The Sell Limit rule automatically applies a “stop sell” when a room is sold a certain number of times. For example, if the sell limit is set at 4, whenever a rate plan is sold 4 times in a certain day the rate plan is set with “stop sell” automatically. It can be useful to eliminate the risk of overselling a particular offer.

Availability Cap: The Availability Cap rule limits the maximum number of rooms that are distributed and can be booked at the same time. It can be useful as it gives properties more control over the sale of the inventory on particular sales channels.

Rate Adjustment: The Rate Adjustment rule will increase or decrease the room rate based on its availability. There are many uses like increasing room rates during a busy season or dropping the rates when there are dips in the demand. The Yield Management is available under the Booking Engine menu. If you are Hotel Link’s current property client and you have any issues accessing this feature, contact our support team.

If you have not been our property clients and want to learn more about this feature, contact us to request a demo.

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