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Occupancy Based Pricing | Hotel Link System

Occupancy Based Pricing | Hotel Link System

What is OBP?

The OBP-Occupancy Based Pricing is a pricing policy based on the number of extra guests (adults/children) allowed in a room.

What are the benefits of the OBP?

By offering the tailored pricing for your rooms, you will:

  • Increase revenue
  • Reach more people in search result page on OTA channels
  • Boost your more valuable rooms, it will be easier for you to fill your bigger rooms

What OTA channels are applied?

In this release, we will apply on 3 major channels:, Expedia, and Agoda.

For Expedia and Agoda, you don’t need to update anything to get it applied.

For, you have to contact our support team to activate this OBP pricing mode for a particular hotel on the side (only our support team can activate this feature in and then update the mapping from our side to get it applied.

For other OTA channels, they will work when we update our code to get them applied in the near future.

When OBP is activated?

Hotel Link will activate this feature in October 2020.

What are the differences with OBP?

  1.  Set up rate:

Currently, the price for Extra Person (Adults and Children) is fixed and applied for any number of extra persons. It is set up on the Rate & Availability tab.

With the OBP mode, the price for Extra Person is set specifically for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. on the Rate and Availability Tab (Monthly Rate Plan Update). If there is the empty value of any rate field of an extra person, the system will use the rate of the 1st adult or child.

On the Yearly Rate Plan Update, a new drop-down for Extra Adult or Child Item will display the rate table for an extra adult or extra child, respectively.

2. How the OBP is applied on Hotel Link and on OTA channels:

a. Booking Widget:

In the section to add extra persons, depending on the number of the extra persons (adult/child), the corresponding price will be shown.

b. Booking Details:

In the popup to add a new room to a booking on Booking Details page, extra adult/child price of the OBP will be applied automatically.

c. OTA (

OTA Channel will pull the data of Variable Occupancy, and travelers will see the different prices for the same room type, depending on how many people they look for. This allows travelers to increase the potentially available options, as multiple rooms become available to them once the price for that occupancy is set.

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