The Best Alternative To BookingSuite WebDirect Service

Hotel Link| The Best Alternative To BookingSuite WebDirect Service

October 20, 2020

If you are listing your properties on, you may know about or be using their WebDirect service of BookingSuite, which allows the properties to build an easy-to-use website free of charge and enables direct bookings. Recently, BookingSuite has announced that the service will close down on 30 November 2020 and advised properties to move to a new provider.

There are many qualified bookable hotel website providers in the market, including Hotel Link, to select for replacing BookingSuite’s website service. Lots of criteria are considered to evaluate whether a provider is worth being the last choice for the client’s switch such as functional value, customer support, price, design/interface, brand reputation and many more, so here are the reasons why Hotel Link website solution can pass these criteria and become one of the best alternatives to BookingSuite WebDirect service.

A. Functionality:

  1. Easy-To-Use and Well-Designed Website Templates

Hotel Link offers you more than 40 templates to build your “online shop window”. The user can easily update the contents and photos to keep the website always up-to-date without any code knowledge required. The templates are fully color-customized as well, so you can create an impressive online look and feel which is consistent with your property’s brand.

Our websites are built with good navigation which provides a seamless experience for website visitors. Text and photos are arranged in a balanced structure so that the websites are obvious for the viewers to read all important information.

  1. No Commission Per Booking

Unlike sales through OTAs, you do not pay any commission for each booking from the website. It means more direct bookings are made on the website, more revenue is generated because you will earn full guest payment amount. You can lessen the dependence on OTA as the result.

  1. Integrated Booking Engine

The guests will have a seamless online booking experience with our integrated booking engine on the website. With only 3 simple steps including choosing dates and rooms, providing necessary guest and payment information and finally clicking “Book Now”, your guests can book accommodation for their stays very fast and easily. This quick and convenient process accelerates your conversion rate and revenue growth.

Find out how our Booking Engine works to improve your occupancy.

  1. Customisable emails sent to bookers

Whenever your website receives a booking, customized emails are sent automatically to the guests prior to their arrivals, during their stays and after their departure. Sending the nurturing emails at every touchpoint of the customer journey will really impress your guests with your delicate care.

  1. Integrated Google Tools and Social Media

All Hotel Link’s websites are approved by Google and achieve high scores on the Google test for mobile and desktop loading speed. The faster your website loads, the better you engage the audiences. The websites are SEO optimized and contain important meta tags as well to obtain the good rankings on the search engines.

Moreover, Google Tools including Google Analytics are set up to provide you with all performance reports of your website. The stats of the traffics, views, time on site, popular pages, bounce rate, etc. are available to tell you how effectively your website is performing and help you understand your audiences in-depth.

We also have integrated social media on the websites to link all other communications with your “main shop front”. There are social buttons to navigate visitors to the relevant channels owned by the property such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or TripAdvisor. Especially, the websites can display Instagram feeds to showcase your place better to the guests.

  1. Good Upselling and Promotions Display

Hotel Link enables our client properties to offer booking extras to their guests and increase the revenue. The popular extras are airport pick up & drop off, spa, breakfast, tours to local visitor attractions and other services.

Special offers of the property are listed and highlighted to the guests such as Pay Stay Deals, Fix Discounts, Last Minute and many more. The guests can also insert the promo code to the website while they are booking.

  1. Reviews Collected and Live Chat Box

Not only a few reviews samples as testimonials, but Hotel Link also has a tool to collect guest reviews from many review platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google,, Facebook, and, etc. All reviews are in one place for good management and they are the best evidence for your service quality if it is truly qualified.

Thanks to live chat box provided, the properties can respond immediately to guests’ questions on the website. Prompt responses to guest requests will motivate them to take action and improve much on your customer service.

  1. Quick Updates from Mobile Devices at Any Time and Anywhere

Recently, Hotel Link has launched the mobile app to help our clients manage their bookings more conveniently. You can update rates and availability, allocate rooms to bookings and view booking details from your mobile phones or Ipad no matter where you are and when you do. Managing your bookings securely, simply and fast is no longer complicated.

B. Cost and Customer Support:

Hotel Link offers to set up a new website for BookingSuite clients, similar to what you have now, free of charge. What you need to pay is only the monthly cost for hosting and operating the website at a very reasonable price. To get a quote, please contact our team here.

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We have a presence across the globe and provide global supports for our clients. Once being partnered with us, you will be provided a personal training and ongoing customer support by our local or global team. All requests sent to us are solved quickly within one day after the receiving day.

If you are interested in Hotel Link’s solutions to replace the BookingSuite WebDirect service, you can book a demo here.

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