Hotel Link Awarded Expedia Group 2023 Preferred Partner Status

Hotel Link Awarded Expedia Group 2023 Preferred Partner Status

March 20, 2023

In March 2023, we are thrilled to announce that Hotel Link has earned Preferred Connectivity Partner status for 2023 with Expedia Group, building on our success in 2022. This recognition emphasizes our ongoing commitment to providing the highest-quality software connection, empowering your accommodation business on the Expedia Group travel platform.

Hotel Link qualified for Preferred Partner status due to our commitment to:

  1. Improving traveler experiences on Expedia Group websites

  2. Enabling a wide range of tools and capabilities integrated with the Expedia Group travel platform

  3. Providing a quality connection with a reliable user experience

  4. Ensuring a streamlined onboarding experience and high-quality support for properties

  5. Empowering accommodation business growth for hoteliers on Expedia Group website

Expedia Group recognizes and awards a select few connectivity partners who achieved remarkable results on various performance metrics, such as maintaining high-quality connections and helping lodging partners grow their business on the Expedia Group marketplace.

As we enter the year 2023, it is clear that there are many exciting opportunities for accommodation businesses around the world. With technology continuing to advance and evolve, now more than ever before it is important to ensure you have a reliable solution in place that can help you take advantage of all these opportunities.

At Hotel Link, we are proud to provide our customers with an industry-leading technology solution that helps you stay ahead of your competition and maximize your profits. As 2023 progresses then make sure don’t miss out on taking full advantage of everything this year offers; choose us today as your preferred technology partner so that together we can unlock new heights of success within your business!

Thank you for your partnership.

Get connect with Expedia Group and reach millions of travelers daily now!

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