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Hotel Link Front Desk is a easy-to-use calendar that includes all
that you need to manage your bookings with peace-of-mind. No
more friction or risk of overbooking.

Easy to update. Create and manage bookings on the go.
Fully-integrated front desk system & comprehensive reporting. Phone
and email support included.

The bespoken solution for Bed and Breakfast, Cottages, Guest Houses
and Small Hotels.

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Easy-to-use calendar and reservation system

Easy-to-use calendar and reservation system

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    Create and Manage Reservations
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    Check-in and Check-out Guests via App
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    Manage Payments and Invoicing
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    Housekeeping assignment via text message
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    Comprehensive Reports
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    Automated Guest Emails

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“Hotel Link has made our lives much simpler. The Hotel Link Team took care of everything – from setting up my website to seamless reservation procedures and distribution channel optimization without any issues. Their system is very user friendly, affordable and it manages the inventory very well! I would like to recommend this to all hotels to use too. With Hotel Link, we found it was so much easier to improve our performance. Their support team is also extremely helpful.”

Abigail Ociones – Bohol Beach Club

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