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Smart Rate

Set and Sell at the
Right Prices

Take the savvy approach and use Smart Rate to check rate disparity on the range of online distribution channels before pricing. Optimise sales by offering best price against your competitors and having a pricing strategy to obtain the consistent rate among channels.

Let’s Get Started

Smart Rate simply helps you monitor the prices offered on various online travel agencies, as well as your competitors’ room rates. The algorithm will automatically calculate the best prices to win the market.

Smart Rate

An intelligent solution that allows you to keep an eye on all the big online travel agencies, such as Agoda, and Expedia, and how they are pricing your rooms. It then tells you how your rates compare and help you come up with a pricing strategy to avoid disparity. Drive direct bookings on your website with Smart Rate.

Smart Competitor

The name says it all. It’s an intelligent algorithm that makes you a smarter competitor. The dashboard allows you to review your competitors’ pricing in the market in one place and then proposes an optimising pricing plan for your accommodation. Stay informed in the game and enhance your market positioning with a few easy clicks.

Price Strategy

Why Smart Rate?

Don’t let outdated pricing affect your vacation seekers’ decision in booking your accommodation. Give them your best offer and fill your rooms with happy travellers.

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Take away the guesswork and win with precision

The intelligent algorithm does the complicated calculations for you. It’s easy, simple and efficient. Why make it more difficult?

Receive real-time updates and strategize every minute

Prices may change on a daily or even hourly basis. Smart Rate enables you to stay informed on how your OTAs and competitors are doing and make price adjustments right away.

Winning the market with minor tweaks

When travellers are comparing vacation homes, sometimes a few dollars can sway their decision. Prevent that from happening by simply eliminating price disparity. Driving direct booking is easier than you think.

Connect Your Room Rates
With the Whole World

Connect your rooms to the world. Manage your online inventory distribution with our powerful channel manager and stay updated on how your preferred online travel agencies are helping you maximise brand exposure.

We will connect your property to the world’s leading booking sites, providing a reliable and secure way to manage your online distribution.

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