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Channel Manager

Seamless Connections
Global Distribution

Connect to the world. Manage your online inventory distribution with our powerful channel manager and stay updated on how your preferred online travel agencies are helping you maximise brand exposure.

Your Rooms Everywhere

The Channel Manager connects rates, availability, stop sell and more details to all the key online channels. Your data updates are automatically shared with all connected channels.

With a seamless connection, accommodations are distributed via OTAs and the GDS. Our Channel Manager is one of the most advanced two-way XML services on the market.

Main Benefits

Save Time

Automate inventory distribution and stop time-consuming and unreliable manual updates.

Central Management

All booking details are automatically pulled in from the OTAs for more control.

More Visibility

Get your property listed on all the important Online Travel Agencies channels to reach a wide audience.

Instant Updates

Immediately push inventory to connected channels and retrieve reservations quickly.

Rate Management

Easily adjust rates on the fly to maintain rate parity across all your sales channels and offer special promotions.

Reduce Errors

Automated connectivity means less room for human error in rates and availability.

Rate Parity is Easy to
Achieve and Control

Hotel Link makes it extremely easy for you to obtain rate parity—consistent rates for all your online distribution channels. It is also possible to adjust rates for individual OTAs, enabling you to work with different rates for different suppliers.

We are always expanding our online network by connecting to more and more channels, both global and regional.

Global and Local Distribution

We will connect your property to the world’s leading booking sites, providing a reliable and secure way to manage your online distribution. We have a connection with more than 100 distribution channels and we continue to expand our online networks both locally and globally to maximize the property clients’ visibility.

“We have been used Hotel Link’s solution for more than 5 years, everything is good. The team are very supportive. Their platform is easy to use and very helpful for our reservation management.”

Apel Villa Sanur - Indonesia
Rating : 5

“Switching to Hotel Link from another big name company was easy, they took care of everything and made it painless. I like the functionality and find it so much easier to use and navigate. I have seen an increase in direct bookings. The best of all is it has reduced my costs compared to my previous channel manager.”

Springfield House B&B - The United Kingdom
Rating : 5

“There was no discussion as to who would we would employ as our cyber-partner. Hotel Link would be there from day one. Why? Because the expertise and speed at which it is delivered are exemplary. One of the best business decisions we have made.”

Rockwater Resort - Tanna, Vanuatu
Rating : 5

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