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Mở Rộng Cơ Hội Cho Bạn

Chương Trình Đối Tác Chính Thức Của Hotel Link

Chúng tôi đang tìm kiếm các đối tác tại những quốc gia mà chúng tôi hiện chưa có mặt. Không chỉ là thỏa thuận phân phối lại sản phẩm/dịch vụ đơn thuần, chúng tôi cần những đối tác thực sự để có thể hướng dẫn và chuyển giao từng bước trong hoạt động kinh doanh.

Liên Hệ Ngay Hôm Nay

What makes Hotel Link different?

We have the best lead generation tool in the business: the HealthCheck. This service is loved by accommodation providers as it lets them know where they need to focus their attention. We don’t sell them what they don’t need.
We have the most comprehensive and lowest cost product suite of any provider out there, from simple front desk systems all the way through to channel management. It is also fully multi-lingual (front and back end), and supports multiple payment options.
We have an end-to-end partner support system, from sales and operations management and tech support right through to an automated billing platform. We are very much about win-win relationships and building for the long term.
Accommodations love our product and business model (working with local partners) so we are growing quickly. In our 3 pilot markets we went from a standing start to being the largest provider of these services in each of the countries within 12 months.

We were the first partner in the Hotel Link business and have worked closely with the management team over the past years both in refining the product and developing the support platform we are using today. Andre, Tuan and all the others in the Hotel Link management team have been of great support. Responsive, inclusive and very much committed to a lasting and win-win relationship.

Helen Atanacio

CEO of Hotel Link Philippines

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Partner’s Benefits

Paralleled to what the competitors of Hotel Link are offering, the breakthrough advantage is that we have an expert local partner in each destination we serve. These local partners share the same passion for the business as we do, and have the ability to utilize our global technologies to best suit the local environments where they operate.

Liên Hệ Chúng Tôi
Sales Certification & Marketing support
Technical and Extranet support always available
Full training to make sure you understand our products
A very advanced suite of low cost software modules for hotels
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