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Getting Started
Hotel Link Pay
You are free to use this payment service alongside other payment gateways. It is not an exclusive arrangement.
There is no set-up fee or approval cost, and no fixed monthly fees. The only costs to you are those made when a transaction is completed.
You should save money, especially with the controls we have in place to reduce chargebacks and lost income on no-shows.

Still Have Some Questions?

You can contact us at or check out the FAQs.

Next Steps

1 – You should read the Terms of Service.
2 – You need to complete an application for the service. You can access the form to complete here.
3 – You need to get copies of various legal documents together to upload with your application. These are:

  • Copy of your Business Registration Certificate / Official Record.
  • Copy of the front page of your latest company bank statement.
  • Copy of the driver’s license or passport of the business owners(s), business representative(s) plus other directors and executives.

Why do we need this information? To approve you for getting the service we need to comply with international regulations covering such things as fraud, money laundering, etc. To do this we need to collect what is known as AML and KYC data (data which allows us to prove we know who you are …. Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) data). In completing the application you will need therefore to upload various business registration details, director & owner details etc. This information will be safely stored.

4 – After submitting your application we will review and notify you within one week. We will send you an email confirming your approval and request a reply email confirming receipt.

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