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A Guide To Start An Accommodation Business (Part 2)

A guide to start an accommodation business (Part 2)

Through the previous part of this article, you must have captured the outline steps to start an accommodation business. In the following part, Hotel Link will go into details so that you can get a more specific process on starting this kind of model..

Planning an accommodation service business

Accommodation constructions usually come with major budgets, that’s why before implementing the project, you should prepare a plan with every step carefully.

Specifying business scale

Before proceeding with construction, the investors need to specify the business scale based on your potential, the budget & market demand around the accommodation place. For example, in places with a large number of visitors and busy tourism activities, you can build medium to large-scale accommodations.

Determine the right size for your accommodation business 
Determine the right size for your accommodation business

In places with a moderate density of guests and not very popular for tourism, it should be considered with small-scale accommodation models such as mini-hotels, homestays, etc.

Planning design ideas

In order to create an accommodation which strongly impresses guests with beautiful decorations and attractive style, you may need support from professional interior designers to come up with fantastic ideas and visualize them in design drawings.

Determine an appropriate design concept for the accommodation
Determine an appropriate design concept for the accommodation

Some hotel or homestay styles being favored today may require open spaces and natural greenery decoration for a high level of comfort, so you can consult architects on these ideas to make your place in harmony with nature.

Besides, there are other design styles of accommodation models that are also very popular nowadays such as vintage or contemporary, etc, which you can refer to apply to your accommodation place.

Applying for the construction permit

An extremely important step in the process of building accommodation services is applying for construction permits.

Based on the preliminary design including the fire prevention diagram, you need to get a construction permit by  applying to the local in-charge government units. 

Apply for planning permission
Apply for planning permission


Note: Construction is only built when the construction permit is obtained from the competent authority.

Investment cost estimation

Once you have the construction permit, it is time to set up an investment estimate table with the design consultancy unit.

Setting up an investment estimate table will help the construction process go smoothly without worrying about budget shortfalls.

Before proceeding with construction, it is necessary to choose a quality construction unit to ensure the work is completed according to the original design, and at the same time, you should look for trusted material suppliers of reasonable prices.

Above are the steps to prepare before building an accommodation, the following article – part 3 will feature works of the next stage in the process which is implementing construction.

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