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A Guide To Start Accommodation Business (Part 3)

A guide to start accommodation business (Part 3)

In part 3 – A guide to start an accommodation business, Hotel Link will guide you through the remaining steps in the process of building an accommodation model, including construction, acceptance of construction work and putting the facility into operation.

Carrying out the accommodation construction

After the preparations were guided in part 2 of this series, we will move on to the second stage in this process, which is carrying out the accommodation construction.

Carrying out the construction
Carrying out the construction


In order to make the construction process run smoothly, the following steps should be performed:

  • Build protection barriers for the construction’s property and secure the surrounding area.
  • Site clearance, pouring a foundation for the construction work based on the study of soil hardness.
  • Prepare electricity and water sources for the construction process.
  • Prepare spaces for storing building materials.
  • Put up tents for the construction and supervision team.

Construction and supervision

Now, let’s start the construction work.

During the construction process, the construction progress needs to be supervised by you and the design unit to ensure that it follows the planned design drawings. The contractor is requested to regularly report on the construction progress and the use of construction materials.

Supervising the construction work 
Supervising the construction work

As an investor, you need to keep an eye on the quality of construction, check the condition, model and specifications of materials. It is necessary to often check the required quantity of materials to prevent the construction process from being interrupted.

In addition, you should check the implementation of occupational safety as well.

Furniture preparation

The final step in construction is installing in-house essential equipment like machines or tools used for kitchens, toilets, the electricity suppliers, drainage systems, air conditioners, etc for rooms.

Interior decoration for your hotel 
Interior decoration for your hotel

Besides, it is necessary to purchase interior furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, decoration objects for your accommodation to put it into business.

Acceptance of accommodation construction

After the construction is finished, you have to conduct the acceptance of work with the construction unit and the design unit.

It is about checking the interior, exterior, electricity, water, fire protection system, room space according to the design drawings to evaluate construction quality.

After paying all the money on the contract and accrued expense, you can put your project into operation.

Through this article, we have outlined the second stage of the accommodation building process. Next, in order to put the accommodation into a smooth operation, it is time for building a marketing and PR strategy to attract customers for your business. You can learn about these strategies in the following and also the final article in Hotel Link’s series of “A guide to start accommodation business”.

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