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Hotel Link Solutions is designed to give you full control over your accommodation's online business. You are in charge of everything – your website, bookings and distribution!

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    Our packages have been set up to meet the needs of accommodation providers. You can start small and add modules when needed.

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Client Testimonials

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Hotel Link Solutions for an amazing work. We needed a professional looking website with an online booking platform for the travellers, so we thank you for making this possible.

Navin Tamang, Tathagata Farm

I would like to thank you for making my job easier. Channel Manager is a big help in controlling, managing and monitoring our online reservations to avoid overbookings.

Rose Arcenas, Daven’s Palace

The Hotel Link Solutions system is a great help especially with regards to our reservation. It makes our job easier and faster. We are really enjoying the use of the system.

Hotel Link Solutions provides a set of essential tools in managing online channels, social media, website, etc… All of this coupled with the fact that you have a fantastic team is to be congratulated. It’s great to feel that we can count on you guys. I strongly recommend!

Rita Madaíl, Lisbon Guests

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  • Mobile

    A report from Google showed that in the last quarter of 2012 approximately 25% of search clicks were coming from non-PC devices. By 2017, it is expected that 50% of online direct bookings will be made on mobile devices – with even more ancillary purchases made through mobile, given the devices’ portability and ease of use. Hotel Link Solutions’ mobile websites are elegant and easy to use. Whenever a traveller opens one of our websites from a mobile device, the optimized version will display, allowing them to make the booking the same way they do in the main website. We […]

  • PMS Connect

    A property management system, or simply PMS, is a digital system that assists with the front-office management of an accommodation. They’re mainly used to coordinate front end operations, process reservations, handle payroll and any other day-to-day accommodation operations. The PMS works as the core of a property’s operations. Hotel Link Solutions provides a seamless integration with some of the most popular PMSs in the market to make your life easier. That means you can still use the PMS solution you have for managing offline bookings, and benefit from the online bookings generated by Hotel Link Solutions, all within the same, easy-to-use system. Hotel Link […]

  • Social Media

    The Social Media Package includes the set up of Facebook and TripAdvisor for properties. Hotel Link Solutions sets up these accounts with the most relevant tools and apps available to bring more direct and indirect sales to accommodations. The Facebook page is setup with booking capabilities linked to the accommodation’s booking engine. Hotel Link Solutions also provide customized services to accommodation providers that are seeking online presence with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

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